Mary Stella Edwards Biography

Mary Stella Edwards 1898-1989

The Ackland and Edwards archive tells us how Mary Stella Edwards’ love of writing and art began in her early childhood. Correspondence between Mary Stella and her parents shows how her artistic passions were fully supported by both, especially her father who was by profession an architect.

Holiday snaps and Mary Stella’s diaries show the family exploring the Lake District, Snowdonia, Devon and touring parts of Scotland. Walking those landscapes was invariably accompanied by photography and sketching. These working holidays were continued on many occasions with Judith, and the results of which were exhibited widely.

Mary Stella was educated at the Welsh Girl’s School in Ashford and later studied art at Battersea and Regent Street Polytechnic. Sketchbooks and loose work show how Mary Stella explored drawing, printmaking, illustration and watercolour painting while at college – as well as literary pursuits – during her time there. She was part of many artistic societies, and kept in touch with many of the fellow students she befriended during her time there.

Black and white portrait of Mary Stella Edwards