Ackland And Edwards Trust

The Ackland & Edwards Charitable Trust

Mary Stella Edwards
& Judith Ackland

A definitive insight into the creative

lives of two extraordinary women.

Judith Ackland
(1882 - 1971)

Artist, illustrator and model maker

The Partnership

Mary Stella Edwards

Artist, illustrator, writer and poet

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The Cabin

The Ackland & Edwards
Charitable Trust

Following Mary Stella Edward’s death in 1989 the Ackland and Edwards Trust was formed to foster the artistic legacy of the two artists. The trust continues to work closely by supporting The Burton Art Gallery and Museum and the National Trust on topics relating to Judith Ackland and Mary Stella Edwards and the archive.

The Burton at Bideford Art Gallery
& Museum

A collection of Watercolours, drawings and dioramas of local topographical or historical interest, produced by Judith Ackland and Mary Stella Edwards between 1913 and 1965 was presented to the gallery by Mary Stella Edwards as a lasting memory of Judith Ackland who passed away in 1971.

In conjunction with this collection, in 2014 the Ackland and Edwards Trust entrusted the Burton Art Gallery and Museum with Mary Stella’s Archive, a treasure trove of correspondence, diaries, sketchbooks and photographs relating to the life and work of the two artists Judith Ackland and Mary Stella Edwards.


The National Trust

The National Trust is committed to promoting and preserving places of natural beauty and historic interest for which it has the privilege to be responsible for the benefit of the nation, for everyone forever.
In 2004 The Ackland and Edwards gifted The Cabin to the National Trust to maintain its artistic traditions and preserve them for future generations and continues to work closely with both organisations so that the story of Mary Stella Edwards and Judith Ackland is accurately portrayed.

In line with this aim the cabin hosts several artists residencies and open days throughout the year, for all of the details please go to.